Simon Jackson Judo Paralympics
Graham Hudson artist Manchester
  Lancashire Closed Championships - 07/07/2013
Oulderhill judo Club members joined the members of the FCP Judo members and went to the Lancashire Closed Championships which was held at Shadsworth Community Sports Centre in Blackburn on Sunday 7th July 2013.
The squad consisted of 18 juniors and 10 seniors, a mighty strong number who were there to show off their skills and bring home some medals!
The camp was underway and the newest to the sport players were on first, some of which had never competed before but you would never have known... stepping up to their competitors showed no mercy and all came off the mat with a medal, some of which were gold!
As the day progressed, so did the talent of the members of both Oulderhill and FCP. The girls were next to fight and all did brilliantly! Showing some excellent techniques, all won bronze, silver and gold medals. Simon, Sarah and Sandra were feeling so proud of their players; they were so pleased on how well the day was going.
The last of the juniors had fought some tough opponents, some being at international level! They were nervous at the mat side but all the coaches and parents gave them some calming advice and lots of encouragement to help them focus but they didn’t need it... all the players hung gold, silver and bronze medals around their necks and paraded around the sports hall with pride!
The seniors had lots to live up to and make sure they faced up to the challenges ahead and keep the medals coming!
All the seniors had not competed before and this was time to put all their hard training to the test. They all had some tough fights, some came out on top, others not so but all fought hard, until they had no gas left in their tanks.
The day was such a success for all members of both clubs; they did extremely well not just in their own fights but supporting each of their fellow members when they were fighting.
It was a joy to see and be part of, once again the support of the parents was great and all the players represented both clubs brilliantly!!!