Simon Jackson Judo Paralympics
Simon Jackson MBE
  Judo Jackson is now running Judo courses in Schools within the Rochdale Borough
This course is targeted at GCSE (AQA and EDEXCEL) and BTEC students and is proving to be highly successful.
The course is held over a period of 6-8 weeks (6 hours minimum). Students are assessed throughout and are examined on completion of the course whereupon they are awarded their final mark.
The course offers students an exciting alternative to the more familiar sports and enables them to grasp the basic concepts of judo whilst acquiring the necessary technical skills.
Though it is quite an intense 6 weeks, the students, novices to judo, are able to adequately cover the requirements of the syllabus and can achieve a good standard of judo with good results.
Judo can also be offered to other students as a curricular or extra-curricular after school activity (particularly favoured by years 7 & 8) or as enrichment for the sixth form.

Certificates are awarded to all students on completion of the course.
Simon and all coaches who help organise the course are CRB cleared, governing body qualified and first aid certificated and insured.

Please contact Simon if your School’s P.E Department would like to include the Judo Module as part of their GCSE/BTEC courses or if you would like to find out more.